With the relentless march of technology everyone takes pictures. With a generous heart one could say that we all are photographers, after all photography is nothing other than our recording what we see. But here I find the need to tune up this statement: it is not just what I see but how I see it. And therein the difference…

I have published 2 books:

  • Imágenes Paceñas: lugares y personas, a books about the disappearing world of  the city of my birth, La Paz, the text written by Jaime Saenz. This book is now in it’s second edition. The Municipality of the city of La Paz is  presenting each high school student with a copy of this book for free. You can view the e-book  following the link above.
  • Another book, privately printed, is about the yearly festival of Gran Poder, a very colourful and unique festival, part of the traditions of the Andean city of La Paz. Please follow the link to view the e-book as part of a previous blog.

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12 Comments on “About

  1. Wow, we really like your blog – very aethetic and stylish in a good way. It`s fun to look at your pictures.
    Greetings from the North Norfolk coast
    Klausbernd and his chirpy Bookfayries Siri and Selma 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you! I jumped feet first into the blogging world with the intention to add pictures regularly and thus train the eye.
      I shall follow yours too with interest as I need to communicate verbally soon

  2. Amazing pictures. I especially like your sense for composition. But also you sense for creating atmospheres is to admire.


    • Hello Rabirius. Thank you for your comment. I am amazed at the fact that most of my close friends and relations have missed the point, not only of my blog but most of my pictures and appreciation has come from far and wide.
      Thank you!

    • I also wanted to comment on your “Clouds are gathering…” picture but there is no facility on your blog.
      You have managed to gather all the meanings of the title unto your photo. Beautiful and powerful.

  3. De tu blog la serie que más me gusta es “A Murder of Silhouettes”. Cada vez que la veo, me inspira la necesidad de capturar luces y sombras.

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