Time as is…

This image has been added to my on going Still Life projects.

Spring Onions

I have added another image to my on going Still Life projects.

Please view the others in my Still Life III collection here : https://molinabarrios.com/still-life/still-life-iii/


Thistles and Calla Lilies

Another two images added to my Still Life III project:

Still Life III

I have started a new collection of Still Life images.

This is the first of the third collection.

Blue Vase

Exhibiting at The Parallax Art Fair

Friends, I invite you to visit our stand at the Parallax Art Fair this 4th and 5th of February.

Albumen Fine Art Photography has selected 5 of my Still Life images, with the works of 4 other photographers.

These are mine:

The Flower pot

Another image added to my on going Still Life II project

Two Pears

Added to my ongoing Still Life project.

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