Two Andean sunsets

Achachila Mayor: el Illimani

Achachila: To locals, the high mountain peaks are more than just breathtaking natural phenomena. Known as achachilas in Aymara and apus in Quechua, they’re also considered living beings inhabited by powerful spirits. As controllers of weather and the source of vital irrigation water, these mountain gods must be appeased with constant offerings and worship, since if angered they’re liable to send hailstorms, frost or drought to destroy crops.

El Angel del Gran Poder

The yearly celebration of Jesus del Gran Poder gathers over 40,000 participants/dancers every year in May/June in La Paz, Bolivia. It is now considered part of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage.  I have published a book about this celebration and you can view the digital version here: Gran Poder


Serkhe Khollu: Four views of an Andean Mountain

Andean landscapes – 32 images

I have posted a new slide show, a summary of some of my landscape photos taken in October 2015.

Some of these images will be selected for Pachamama – Honouring Mother Earth, an event taking place on the 26th of February at RichMix, Shoreditch, organised by Celebrate Life.

Please follow this link to view the other images

Here three images of that collection:




Where the air is thin

I have posted a new collection of 10 photographs on high altitude dwellings.

Please follow this link to view the other 10 in slide show format:

Here is a sample of 3 images




Kimsa Cruz

A new collection of 13 photos: Kimsa Cruz, the cordillera south to the Illimani.

I  have 13 images depicting this area and its unusually coloured lakes.

Please follow this link to view the slide show:

Here 3 images from it:




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