A modern Seville

Metropol Parasol: modern Seville

Metropol Parasol: modern Seville

Here is an example of modern Seville: Metropol Parasol.

A contrast to the old city, so traditional.

The contrast? View some examples: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com

Seville: old and new

Mudejar at its best

Mudejar at its best

In our visit to Seville, we had the pleasure of viewing old and new elements of that southern Spanish city.

The example in this image is la Casa Pilatos, of mudejar style: A staircase to the top floor is decorated with azulejos tiling and a ceiling of Mudéjar honeycomb, made by Cristobal Sanchez.

Please view a set of very modern Seville as well as the traditional city: https://molinabarrios.wordpress.com/photos/sevilla-old-and-new/

In Soho’s back streets


Felix Dennnis's Roller

Walking back  to Charring Cross station  from my present job via the narrow back streets of Soho in London this past Wednesday evening I came across a beautiful Roller. Where else would you find such a perfect setting for a car-shoot for free?

This Rolls Royce belongs to a famous writer, as explained to me by the driver/bodyguard who was not willing to reveal the owner’s identity, although he hinted at the number plate. It took but a few minutes for a colleague of mine to suggest that perhaps it might belong to Felix Dennis… Does anyone remember Oz?

An unusual London pub

The Old Mill

The Old Mill, Plumstead

If you wish to travel back in time the Old Mill in South East London is the place.

A pub where the landlord will invite you  to taste the garden nettles and converse with you about anything with erudite  knowledge.

Water, Fire and Air

Symbolising the moment of creation

Symbolising the moment of creation

The fiery skies, water, dark and deep, and suspended in Air a symbol of a DNA strand  in the  three-dimensional Möbius triangle , each cube reflecting the whole , each triangle being the whole: Air, Water and Fire, for some the basic elements of creation.

A fanciful connection

Wagner in the middle

Wagner in the middle

As part of my present job at Henry Sotheran Ltd, the longest established antiquarian booksellers in the world (York 1761), I get to design the catalogues. In this particular occasion we had a beautiful collection of engraved books of  Wagner’s operas for the Performing Arts catalogue. A colleague as a challenge said: I dare you include Wagner and the Beatles as a cover design.

I came up with the above design: Siegfried and the iconic representation of the Beatles by Richard Avedon in the form of a postcard.

Mimicking a record sleeve

Album cover mockupIt was suggested that for the cover of a large collection of pop memorabilia I should reproduce a version of the album cover for  The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars. I went around the narrow streets around Brewer Street in central London  taking pictures of walls, street lamps and rubbish bags. I found the image of David Bowie in a newspaper…

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